Manufacturing Facilities
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Ultra Have world class warping facilities in separate room with fully computer control and PLC base high speed machine with photo optical stop motions, safety guards, fluff protector, fluff suction and traveler cleaner.

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Dyeing is art of denim fabric, with over four decades of experience, ultra denim understands precisely how to manipulate the delicate process of thread dyeing to create striking and highly marketable tones of indigo-blue denim. Ultra Denim has a highly skilled and efficient team of technician and latest technological Slasher/sheet dyeing machine from Prism Textile Machinery. Utilising Slasher Dyeing processes, ultra denim relies on a varied range of methods to achieve the desired results for different types of products. Highly skilled technicians oversee a complex system of repeatedly dipping and oxidizing the yarn to achieve the perfect balance of colour. Consistency in shade is maintained by using instruments Hunter, Brook field, Spectro Photometer, Metrohm, PH tester etc.



In the pivotal step of crafting finest and widest fabric from the newly dyed denim thread, ultra denim is well-known for its dedication to Tseudokama projectile weaving machines from Japan. Widely considered the “dream machine” of denim, Tseudokoma’s highly sophisticated weaving mechanism produces exceptional strength, tension and texture in the fabric while

minimizing defects. Committed technicians control the machines through an advanced online system that assures optimal execution. Proper emphasis is laid on shade and other quality management for every denim lot. Ultra denim is trusted world wide to deliver the consistently high quality, products excellence and creative edge to differentiate your garment in the fiercely competitive, demanding world fashion.

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Fabric Processing

Ultra have modern world class technology and machinery in fabric finishing department. All the machinery fully auto control and PLC Base with environment friendly and safety features. Machines are Desizing cum Over dye range and mercerizing range from Kuester calico, Stenter from Harish Enterprises Ltd., Coater from Tasker Engineering, Singeing and Wet Finishing from Prism Textile Machinery Pvt. Ltd.

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Inspection and packing

Inspection and packing machines are latest and accurate machines for fabric checking and packing with accurate length measuring device, weighing scale, auto doffer, fabric roll conveying system, damage recording software with display.