Green Revolution

Ultra Denim is believe in green revolution to save earth by takes strict measures to maximum utilisation of energy and create low carbon foot print and maximum productivity. We strongly believe that preservation of the environment is not a one-time job, but a never-ending process.

Steam Recovery:

Flash steam recovery system for dyeing and sizing machine, these has help to save more than 1000 kg steam per day. Also we have installed wet and dry scrubber system in boiler to controls carbon foot print in the atmosphere.

Bypass System for Loom:

We installed by pass system on looms to monitor air consumption. This has helped to save 1200 units per day electricity.

Minimizing Air Consumption:

Ultra Denim has installed Tsudakoma Air jet loom with law consumption of air to reduced air consumption. Which is saving 2130 units per day electricity.

Efficient Machines:

Ultra Denim gives emphasis on optimum use of electricity with installed all machines with energy efficient 5 star rated motors only.

Eco Friendly Dye:

We are using Dye Star …… grade indigo dye, which create very law pollution compare to others. This is save more then 300,000 Liter water per day.